Athena's Advanced Academy, LLC
Athena's Advanced Academy: Fast-paced and exciting
online classes for a community of gifted learners
from around the globe
As an educator and a parent of gifted children, the founder of Athena's Advanced Academy understands that younger children may be ready for higher level content and analytical thinking, but still desire age-appropriate activities.

  • Athena's Advanced Academy classes are appropriate for students learning at elementary through high school levels.

At Athena's Advanced Academy, we believe it is important to:


  • give parents the freedom to place their children into appropriate classes defined by abilities, not ages
  • encourage children to draw their own connections between ideas and illustrate them in age-appropriate ways
  • allow asynchronous learners to participate in classes that expand their minds  teen girl 500
  • encourage critical thinking and creative expression
  • engage visual and auditory learners alike
  • allow gifted children to advance through curricula at an accelerated pace 
  • provide online peer interaction through moderated discussion boards and live webinars
  • keep learning fun and exciting!  


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Important Dates

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Spring 2015 Dates:

1/19/15 - 5/22/15

Mid-Semester 8-week classes: Begins the week of Monday, March 23

Adult Homeschool Start-Up: Begins Monday, April 20

Spring Break: April 27 - May 1

Last Day of Spring Classes:
Friday, May 22

Summer Schedule: June 15 - July 24

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