Avalon the Peacemaker

Avalon the Peacemaker was 7 years old when she first dreamed she could help make the world a better place for all living things. In the years since, she grew her efforts into a non-profit organization called Conserve It Forward. Encouraging the use of kindness and compassion to confront world issues, Avalon’s goal is to raise awareness and inspire action that benefits both the natural world and people. Some of Avalon's project focuses have been amphibian conservation, art cards for in-care residents, edutainment, animal advocacy, and sustainable eating.

Now at age 16, Avalon has traveled the world to share her message, and work alongside others, while also inspiring people to believe in themselves and to achieve their own dreams. She feels her greatest achievement has been connecting with youth to inspire them to take small acts towards change and helping them realize we can all make a positive difference no matter our age. Avalon is currently a freshman in college, is a Peace First Fellow, serves on the Youth Council for BALANCE Edutainment/Pacha's Pajamas, and is a registered yoga instructor.

Avalon was a panelist at the 2015 Ashoka Future Forum in Washington, DC, and a Student Roundtable participant/presenter at the 2015 White House Champions of Change event. In late 2015, she was invited to take part in COP21 events (United Nations Climate Change Conference) in Paris, France, where she also presented.

“My goal is that everyone should feel interconnected with other living things and the world so that we are  inspired to become positive changemakers.”

For more about Conserve It Forward, Inc., please visit www.ConserveItForward.org or www.facebook.com/ConserveItForwardWithAvalon.

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