Vocab Madness

Instructor: Suki Wessling


Do you want to increase your vocabulary? Do you like having fun and being creative? In Vocab Madness, we will do some serious play with words, from the small and humble to the esoteric and unusual. Research shows that we learn vocabulary by using words, and that the deepest learning involves hands-on creativity. Unlike a more traditional (and less effective) approach to mastering vocabulary, we’re going to be creative and have fun, learning about English language spelling, history, and grammar along the way. Vocab Madness is offered twice a year with two different sets of vocabulary, so students may take it twice in any order (fall-spring or spring-fall).

  • Spring session: “Set A” words (chapter 1-17)
  • Fall session: “Set B” words (chapter 18+)

Required texts:

What to expect in the classroom:
Our classroom is the connection we share between webinars, and students will be expected to be active participants. Students will be required to research vocabulary, learn word roots, create independent projects, and present projects and research in class. Assignments include:

  • Required: visual representation of vocabulary including drawings, animations, or video, creative writing using vocabulary words, and research of use of vocabulary words in literature.
  • Students should have access to a scanner or digital camera so they can share visual projects.


What to expect in the webinar:
This seminar is a participation-based class. All students must come to class prepared to exchange ideas and engage in lively conversation. All ages welcome, though younger students should have a mature ability to take part in group conversations online.
Students should also be willing to:
  • Contribute questions and ideas via the chat window and whiteboard
  • Actively participate (via a headset microphone) in the class discussion
  • Although recorded sessions will be available, students should be able to attend at least 75% of the webinars.
  • Asynchronous students should plan to create a presentation to upload to YouTube for viewing by the students.
Enrollment in this 16-week semester course includes free access to moderated discussion forums and Athena's Minecraft server.


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