Etiquette Makes a Difference

Instructor: Molly Isaacs-McLeod

blue book 50 Designed with students grades 4-8 in mind, and just before the holiday season, Etiquette Makes the Difference provides an opportunity to learn about the finer points of etiquette: party manners, accepting awards, use of electronic devices in public, and more. We will discuss the history of etiquette, and engage in lively discussion of overcoming awkward moments and putting those around us at ease.

Required text:

We ask parents of my “Etiquette Makes the Difference” students to “pre-read” chapter seven of the Teen Manners book so each family can decide if this chapter is appropriate for their student. The chapter (in part) addresses dating, drinking, and sex. We believe discussion of sexual activity and alcohol and drug use is most appropriately had with parents. We will not be discussing these topics in class.

We will use this chapter as an opportunity to address:

    • being a host: (event planning and logistics, consideration of others, especially those you live with)
    • being a guest: (accepting/declining invitations, offering to help, being prompt in arrival and departure, what happens when there is activity that you - and your parents – have determined is not appropriate)
    • honesty with parents and friends: (are parents home during parties, etc...)

In regard to dating, we plan to discuss asking for a date, what happens on a date, purpose of dating, accepting/declining, breaking up, and whether an occasion requires inviting a date. In discussing dating, we will emphasize knowing and remaining true to oneself.

We do not want to venture into areas best left for “home coverage,” but are also aware that some of our children are reaching an age where this type of discussion is instructive.


  • Student must be able to read at an emerging 4th grade level or above.
  • Students must be able to participate in online discussion.
  • Please remember at Athena's Advanced Academy, parental involvement is necessary.

arrow right 3 What to Expect in the Classroom:

Learning activities include communicating ideas, videos and multimedia, and web 2.0 tools to synthesize new concepts. In addition, students are asked to complete 3-4 main assignments during the week. Assignments include:

  • Required: Reading selection from the text
  • Strongly suggested: Responding to 1-2 forum questions in at least five sentences
  • Optional: Working with web 2.0 tools on online projects

arrow right 3 What to Expect in the Webinar:

Weekly webinars are 50 minutes long. Recorded sessions are available for students with schedule conflicts. Students are asked to contribute to the live webinar by doing the following:

  • Actively participating (via the microphone) to the class discussion by responding to the questions on the whiteboard

arrow right 3 Enrollment in this 8-week course includes free access to moderated discussion forums, Athena's Minecraft server, and subscriptions to BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr., and BrainPOP Español.


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