Grammar Girl to the Rescue

Middle School/Junior High Level

Instructor: Molly Isaacs-McLeod

blue book 50 In this entertaining, yet informative, eight-week class we will plumb the depths of misused and troublesome words. We will discover what goes into writing a great paper. Allow Headmistress Themis to introduce you to the witty, yet always grammatically correct, Grammar Girl.

Required texts:


  • Student must be able to read at a 6th grade level or above.
  • Students must be able to actively participate in online discussion.
  • Students must be able to write a paragraph independently.
  • Please remember at Athena's Advanced Academy, parental involvement is necessary.

arrow right 3 What to Expect in the Classroom:

Learning activities include communicating ideas, videos and multimedia, and web 2.0 tools to synthesize new concepts. While students are expected to keep up with reading assignments, writing assignments are optional. Assignments include:

  • Required: Weekly reading assignments
  • Strongly suggested: Responding to 1-2 forum questions in at least five sentences and other writing assignments
  • Optional: Working with web 2.0 tools on online projects

arrow right 3 What to Expect in the Webinar:

Weekly webinars are 50 minutes long. Recorded sessions are available for students with schedule conflicts. Students are asked to contribute to the live webinar by doing the following:

  • Actively participating (via the microphone) to the class discussion by responding to the questions on the whiteboard

arrow right 3 Enrollment in this 8-week course includes free access to moderated discussion forums and Athena's Minecraft server.


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