Minecraft™ at Athena's

Optional activities designed to reinforce classroom topics and promote collaboration with peers

Minecraft™ has made it to Athena's classes by popular demand from parents and students!

Students logging in will arrive at Athena's Parthenon guiding them to the building areas.

Athena's Parthenon

arrow right 3  Minecraft is an online game where players use cubes to create an imaginary world and is very popular with the students at Athena’s. If you are curious about Minecraft, check out this interview with teen, Jacob Cordeiro the author of Minecraft for Dummies: Curious about Minecraft? This article discusses Minecraft's value in education: 5 Lessons To Learn From Minecraft In Education. This LinkedIn post discusses Minecraft's value: Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs Are Playing #Minecraft Today

Students who wish to create a Minecraft account must do so with their parent's assistance at https://minecraft.net/

Students with Minecraft accounts will have the opportunity to meet fellow Athena’s classmates on Athena’s Servers:

  • Zeus' Domain (peaceful mode) *Where students build projects for their courses. Students may individually and collaboratively complete optional activities relating to topics covered in the classrooms and webinars.
  • Hades' Realm (normal mode) *Where students can build and destroy.
  • Athena's Province (survival mode with monsters) *Requested and named by our students. Here, students must work together to survive, promoting wisdom and collaboration.

What to expect in the classrooms at Athena's:

  • Optional activities relating to topics covered in the classroom and webinars will be found in most of the classes at Athena’s Advanced Academy. Activities may include creating virtual mathematic equations, scenes from literature readings, historical reenactments, geographical locations, famous sites, and more!
  • Students without Minecraft accounts may completely avoid Minecraft conversations in the classroom if they wish.
  • Students are required to agree to the online community rules before being added to the server.

arrow right 3A few of our students would like to share their projects:

Geography students learning about areas such as Pitcairn Island may create a virtual island and include facts about the area.

Pitcairn Island:

Literature students reading the novel Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor may create a night scene from the novel such as Judd Travers’ trailer with Shiloh and the other dogs.

Collaborate with friends and let your imagination soar!

**Athena’s Advanced Academy is not affiliated with Minecraft™

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