Welcome to Athena's! Athena’s classes help independent learners access dynamic, interactive online classes with dedicated instructors.

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    • Athena's Advanced Academy understands younger children may be ready for higher level content and analytical thinking, but still desire age-appropriate activities.
    • Athena's offers gifted students the opportunity to create a community of like-minded individuals through their interaction in the classrooms and during the webinars.
    • Through Athena's, parents have the option to tailor their child's education to fit their educational needs.
    • Most of our students' ages range between 5 and 14. We are moving toward adding courses appropriate for gifted teens and workshops for adults working with gifted children. Please email us if you have course ideas or would like to offer courses for gifted students at Athena's.

Athena's Advanced Academy courses have two components:

  • The Classroom: This secure virtual room is located at the Athena's website. Students view and complete assignments in an asynchronous manner in the classroom. They are able to log in whenever they wish to complete their work and communicate with each other via threaded discussions.
    • The number of assignments and activities posted each week mirrors the reading assignment for the week. For example, history classes tend to have more activities than Literature classes. As with all of the classes at Athena’s, the instructor will ask for the completion of a few items such as a reading assignment and threaded discussions between students. The instructor will also provide the students with the opportunity to complete extra activities, but how much work your child does is entirely up to the student and their parents. Athena's can fit into nearly any educational lifestyle. Get a feel for our classrooms by logging in as a guest to visit our Student Spotlight/Sample Classroom.
  • The Webinar Room: This virtual room is located through a separate URL with our secure webinar rooms at Blackboard Collaborate. Students enter and attend synchronous classes at a set time during the week. The webinar is similar to a live online conference. Students will see a whiteboard with posted information that will change as the teacher teaches/communicates. Teachers and students use audio and text-chat to communicate with each other.


  • Refer to the FAQ page for more information about Athena's Advanced Academy.
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