Instructing at Athena’s

Thank you for your interest in teaching at Athena’s Advanced Academy. Our mission is to provide a positive, safe, and nurturing environment to foster each gifted learner’s full academic and lifelong learning potential and to empower each learner to be responsible, respectful, contributing members of the community. Athena’s actively works in partnership with parents and the online gifted community to provide excellence while maintaining the highest integrity.

Our highly qualified instructors are independent contractors who create and teach courses geared to gifted children. Instructors fill the online classroom with asynchronous activities including readings, forums, projects, information, and educational videos supporting the weekly focus. Instructors also create 50-minute long lessons to present during the live weekly webinar.

If you are interested in teaching at Athena’s, please email us.

Last modified: Monday, 27 July 2015, 6:37 PM