Who Started Athena's Advanced Academy?

As you may know, in Ancient Greece, Athena is known as the goddess of knowledge and wisdom. Her desire is to bring people together to share knowledge at Athena’s Advanced Academy. When Headmistress Athena (a.k.a. Dr. Kirsten Stein) began Athena’s, she invited other Greek goddesses and gods to solidify the Academy’s foundation. Now that Athena’s is a growing, thriving community, the Greek instructors felt the need to return to Mt. Olympus to head their respective academies. Thankfully, they left their mortal counterparts at Athena’s to continue the quest to educate and work with our amazing students and their families.

Headmistress Athena left her mortal counterpart, Dr. Kirsten (Kirsten is pronounced Keer-sten), in charge at Athena’s, while the other Headmistresses left their Doctor or Professor counterparts to teach the amazing students at Athena's. Doctors hold the highest degree in their field and Professors are those who teach or profess special knowledge (one of the many definitions of Professor).

You will still see Headmistress Athena, Headmistress Artemis, and the other Greek gods and goddesses around Athena’s because they love interacting with our students. You will see them especially in the Social Forums and on our Minecraft server. We’re sure you’ll also see Hades lurking around from time to time trying to cause havoc with our system. If you see him hanging around, please keep him occupied until help arrives!

Last modified: Wednesday, August 3, 2016, 9:23 PM