Deborah Simon

When she was in the sixth grade, Deborah decided to either go into education or the law and, as it turns out, she got to do both! Deborah taught for over ten years in almost every grade including writing, British & American Literature, and Advanced Placement English Literature & Composition. She had a second career as a corporate paralegal for over five years and went back to teaching, focusing on high school English and completed a Masters in Education with an emphasis in gifted education. She has two gifted daughters (one is twice-exceptional) who are homeschooled. Deborah is a board member for Northwest Gifted Child Association and started a local support group for parents of gifted children. She's also worked closely with several school districts in her local area on implementing new gifted education requirements in Washington State. She has spoken at statewide teacher, school board, and Native American education conferences about gifted and twice-exceptional students and their needs. She also recently started a career in the fiber arts! Discovering ways to make material understandable and accessible is her passion.


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