Learning Options


  • Synchronous Learning Option

Athena’s Synchronous Learning Option is our standard option. Students follow the weekly course progression and attend the live weekly course webinars. Students have the benefit of connecting with their classmates and instructor via the virtual classroom forums and collaborations as well as the live weekly webinars.

*With this option, students attend (or have the option to attend) the live weekly webinars.


  • Asynchronous Learning Option

Most of the courses at Athena’s include the Asynchronous Learning Option. Students who are not able to attend our live webinars may participate in our courses asynchronously. These students follow the weekly course progression and watch recordings of the webinars as their schedule permits. Students have the benefit of connecting with their classmates and instructor in the classroom via forum discussions and online asynchronous collaborations. Some courses also use Athena's Chat allowing students to collaborate in real time.

The Asynchronous Learning Option is especially helpful for students with schedule conflicts, those who need more flexibility in their class scheduling options, and those attending our courses around the world. Please note, not all the courses (e.g. writing courses; AP® courses) include this option. 

*With this option, students only listen to the recorded webinars; students do not attend the live weekly webinars. 


  • Independent Learning Option

Athena’s Independent Learning Option is available for many classes. Students work through the classroom material and webinar recordings completely at their own pace without instructor support. Please contact us if you are interested in our courses but wish to move through the material on a totally independent basis. Independent / Self-paced Courses are Available. 

*With this option, students only listen to recorded webinars; students do not attend live weekly webinars. 

Please note, we are currently working on offering this option for all of our classes. At this time there is a delay in production process. Please contact us if there is a course you would like so we can mark it as a priority. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. 


Last modified: Friday, March 31, 2017, 5:37 PM