Psychology and You!

Junior High/Lower High-School Levels

Instructor: Dr. Monita Leavitt


Human behavior is the core of all problems and solutions.  The world needs bright thinkers and go-getters.  If you enjoy challenges and are curious to learn, this course will not only help you to understand more about yourself, but will put you on the path to understand what motivates others to behave as they do. You may surprise yourself by thinking of something else you’d like to investigate or try on the way! 


  • Psychology students must be able to participate verbally in an online group discussion.

  • Each week, students will be challenged to conduct an experiment to gain understanding in the field of psychology. Experiments can be modified (e.g., number of required subjects, etc.) to meet the student’s needs.

Required books/materials:

  • None 


What to Expect in the Classroom

Learning activities include communicating ideas, videos and multimedia, and web 2.0 tools to synthesize new concepts. Students are asked to complete 2 assignments during the week. Activities include:

  • Required: Students will be expected to do the required and highly suggested readings and view the videos as well as conduct an experiment each week in preparation for a discussion and active participation in our weekly webinars. 
  • Students are asked to keep a personal log or journal for the course  (this can be a notebook or online notes). Their entries should evidence  research, novel ideas, questions and personal reactions to share their thinking and insights each week for contributing ideas and thoughts throughout the semester. 
  • Strongly Suggested: Responding to forum questions - using at least five sentences
  • Optional: Working with web 2.0 tools on online projects


What to Expect in the Webinar

Weekly webinars are 50 minutes long. Students are asked to contribute to the live webinar by doing the following:

  • Actively participating in a verbal manner (via the microphone) to the webinar discussion. 


Enrollment in this 16-week semester course includes free access to moderated discussion forums and Athena's Minecraft server.


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