Dr. Kirsten L. Stein

Kirsten L. Stein, Ed.D. has been involved in the field of education her entire career. She graduated with a B.S. in Education and taught elementary school in the public school system. During her time as a classroom teacher, she spearheaded the district’s involvement in inclusion practices and the use of paraprofessionals in the classroom. During that time, she continued her own education and earned her M.A. Education degree with a focus on team building. After her first child was born, Kirsten taught childbirth education classes to expectant parents. She continues to be involved in the field of education while homeschooling her gifted children. Kirsten applied her background as an educator and formed Athena’s Advanced Academy to broaden the scope of learning for gifted children. This passion was her doctoral focus in earning her Ed.D. in educational leadership. Kirsten strives to create a supportive community of parents and learners through her roles as C.E.O. and Instructor Athena's Advanced Academy.

Dr. Kirsten Stein has been added to the SENG Honor Role of Outstanding Educators.

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