Spring Semester 2017 Course / Webinar Schedule

  • Semester Dates: 1/16/17--5/19/17
  • Check our Important Dates webpage for information about breaks and other calendar events.
  • Classrooms Open a week before courses for students to begin the Required Introductory Assignments
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning Options are available (Trial Law/Mock Court, Current Events, Writers Workshop, and Philosophy are not available asynchronously.)
  • Independent / Self-paced Courses also available (The Independent Learning Option is not available for all classes at this time - please contact us for availability)
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Mid-Semester Registration is Open! 

  • New Families: Students must have an account with Athena's Advanced Academy to enroll. Please see our Enrollment Information page for details.
  • Returning Families:
    • Log into Athena's Advanced Academy.
    • Scroll down and follow the Enrollment Room link.
  • Students should be placed into classes by their ability level.
  • For FULL classes, please contact us to be placed on the waitlist. (The asynchronous learning option may be available.) 
  • Course Payments and Fees


*All times listed for the webinars are in Pacific Time. Please check webinar compatibility with your local time zone.

available  limited availability very limited availability sold out - synchronous

List of mid-semester 8-week courses:

Webinar Schedule  

Spring 2017

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

6:00 am Pacific


Conflict Resolution - begins January 18

Practically Intelligent Cooking - cancelled - Check out our Monday 6PM class instead

7:00 am Pacific

Story of Science - Newton at the Center Scientific Literacy: Current Topics in Biology - begins January 17 Periodic Table of Elements History for Whovians spring session

8:00 am Pacific

How to Write in Any Situation

The Stock Market Game


Trial Law Basics & Mock Court

Current Events II

begins March 23


Jane Austen Novels

9:00 am Pacific

Walk through Presidential Elections



begins March 21


Vocab Madness A


begins January 19

Sherlock Holmes II

begins March 23

10:00 am Pacific

The Story of the World 2 The Story of the World 4

World Geography

year-long class

Periodic Table of Elements 

11:00 am Pacific

Intermediate Literature spring

Advanced Intermediate Literature spring

Philosophy, for questioning minds spring


Marine Biology

Jr. Instructor extended workshop 

12:00 pm Pacific


Goal Setting


Writers Workshop



1:00 pm Pacific


begins March 20


Roots & Shoots


2:00 pm Pacific

Earth Science / Geology 


3:00 pm Pacific


year-long class

Psychology and You!


4:00 pm Pacific


Poetry Writers Workshop

begins March 20

Physics calculations 

year-long class

Poetry Writers Workshop

begins January 18

5:00 pm Pacific

6:00 pm Pacific

Conflict Resolution - begins January 16

Practically Intelligent Cooking - begins March 20

Trial Law Basics & Mock Court
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