Conflict Resolution

Instructor: Deborah Simon

Conflict may be a fact of life, but, amazingly, it is a fact that is frequently misunderstood and rarely a subject of study outside of psychological and sociological circles. Add to this the fact that the gifted mind is so often predisposed to an emotional intensity that throws fuel on the proverbial fire, and you have a recipe for avoidance at best and for disaster at worst.

  • Why do we fight with other people?
  • How should we respond when confronted?
  • What makes us so angry at one time and not another?

Let’s peel back those layers and discover, individually and together, what conflict is, how we each respond to it, how to be our own master, and what impact communication and perspective have on conflict resolution.


This course is activity- and discussion-driven class rather than lecture-based. Participants will be asked to complete individual activities and investigations, then come to the webinar ready to participate with others.
  • Parents are strongly encouraged to join their student in class and participate together. This class will be discussing material of an emotional nature while we analyze our personal conflicts and work on coping skills that will improve our interpersonal relationships. While we won’t be sharing any names or personal information in class, this subject matter can be difficult for gifted kids who feel emotions quite deeply. 
  • Because conflict is a very broad, psychologically based subject that can spark intense encounters, we will focus on minor, basic, day-to-day issues in this class. More complex problems are best discussed with a counselor or psychologist. Parents are highly encouraged to attend with their students.

Weekly webinars are 50 minutes long. Enrollment in this 8-week course includes free access to moderated discussion forums and Athena's Minecraft server.


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