Practically Intelligent Cooking

Instructor: Deborah Simon

What plant’s root is used to make tapioca? How many people in the US have a peanut allergy? What is the best way to preserve meat without refrigeration?
These facts and more will be covered in a class that approaches cooking from the useful and the existential…the weird and the wonderful…the practical and the intellectual! No food isn't just a combination of flavors. For many people, it is either a true danger to health and wellbeing or a dream come true, depending on how it is planned and prepared.
  • Learn about the building blocks of our human diet.
  • Be prepared to cook responsibly by knowing and creatively substituting for major food allergens.
  • Make intelligent choices in your food preparation by getting to know all the ways we season, leaven, preserve, and combine our food ingredients.

Top it all off by making an awesome and memorable meal for your family!

  • Parents are encouraged to participate with their student in this class. 

Weekly webinars are 50 minutes long. Recorded sessions available for students with schedule conflicts. Enrollment in this 8-week course includes free access to moderated discussion forums and Athena's Minecraft server. 


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