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Is my child ready for Athena’s Advanced Academy?

Are there age requirements at Athena's?

How do I prove my child is gifted?

What is the parent’s role?

What is the educator’s role?

What is the student’s role?

What about documentation at Athena's?

What support do you offer to adults and adult learners?

What time does the live webinar take place?

What are the educators’ qualifications?

Who are the Junior Instructors?

Is Athena's Advanced Academy affiliated with any religion?

What is your position on online etiquette?


What materials must I purchase?

What are the course learning options?

Is participation in the live webinars required for the Synchronous Learning Option?

Can students move through the courses with live webinars at their own pace?

Do you have self-paced courses?

What is the Chat feature at Athena's?

Will we have access to the classroom at Athena’s after the course is complete?

What kinds of activities and assignments will my child complete?

What kind of work load can my child expect for each course?

How much writing will my child be doing?

What feedback is provided to my child?


How do I enroll and pay course fees?

What is your refund policy?

Would you consider accepting vouchers from our charter school?


What are the technical requirements for Athena's Advanced Academy courses?

Do you use webcams during your webinars?

Must students have an email address?

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