Gifted Parent Support Group

*Our Gifted Parent Support Group is currently on hiatus. Please contact Suki Wessling to find out more at 
blue book 50Athena’s monthly Gifted Parent Support Group creates a space for parents to ask questions, offer experience, and support each other in parenting our intense children. The group is moderated by Athena’s teacher Suki Wessling (along with other Athena’s teachers as guest moderators) and will focus on supporting you in parenting and educating your children. This is a drop-in group—your payment allows you to drop in as often as you’d like. Have you ever felt a little jealous that your Athena’s student is having so much fun? Come join us this month and have some fun of your own!

blue book 50Suki Wessling is a longtime homeschooler and the author of From School to Homeschool, a guide for transitioning from a school-based to a homeschool-based mindset. Suki has homeschooled her own children from kindergarten through high school, and from an unschooling approach to online classes and community college. She teaches in-person and online classes and workshops for both adults and children, and has taught at Athena’s since 2013.
arrow right 3Suggested books:
  • From School to Homeschool by Suki Wessling - This book helps parents transition from a school-based to a homeschool-based mindset, and includes information about deschooling, basic homeschooling approaches, alternative education, community-building, goal-setting, curriculum adaptation, and homeschooling high school.
  • A Parent's Guide to Gifted Children by Webb et. al. - This is the “bible” of gifted parenting, well worth investing in if you don’t have it in your home. Parenting gifted children well is at the very root of homeschooling them well, and Dr. Webb will help you when other parenting manuals fail.
arrow right 3 We will meet in online webinars on the Fourth Mondays, 5-7pm Pacific Time, starting September 28. The support group includes asynchronous online classroom forums and information for only $79.00 per year -or- $49.00 per semester.
arrow right 3Please begin the registration process by completing the brief Athena's Adult Application Form. Further registration information will be emailed to you after responses have been processed.
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